Instant reaction post: “Game of Thrones” S5, Ep7 ‘The Gift’

Dany in 'The Gift'
Dany in ‘The Gift’

To be honest, I was dreading this episode because I didn’t want to see the aftermath of last week’s rape scene. But many of the headlines on my newsfeed proclaimed this episode as one of the series’ best ever, so I gave it a chance. And thankfully they didn’t dwell on the terrible things that happen in Sansa and Ramsay’s bedroom, which made it way easier to stomach.

Where do they film the Castle Black scenes? Northern Ireland? Is it really snowing there? Or does the production team use fake snow? Just wondering…

Anyway, Jon, are you *sure* you should leave Ser Alliser to be in charge of Castle Black?

Jon in 'The Gift'
Jon in ‘The Gift’

Poor Sansa. I hope they don’t show us anymore interactions between her and Ramsay, of ANY sort. I couldn’t bear it.

Will Theon be able to throw off “Reek” enough to help her?

He almost does! But why is Ramsay having his meal at the top of the broken tower? Does he know???

Maybe Theon can go in the middle of the night.

When they showed Maester Aemon’s face on the pyre, he looked like he was one of the Faces in the crypt that Arya walked through last episode.

Why do the Night’s Watch people hate Sam so much?

Gilly and Sam in 'The Gift'
Gilly and Sam in ‘The Gift’

SPEAK OF THE THINGS I SAID I DIDN’T WANT TO SEE FIVE MINUTES AGO. Ramsay knows that Sansa has friends in the North! But how did he know it was that old woman? That whole conversation between Sansa and Ramsay had me on tenterhooks!

Once again, poor Sansa. Is she going to have to keep suffering?

Did Melisandre really see herself walking on the battlements of Winterfell? Will Stannis continue to trust her now she’s revealed her plans for his daughter? Even worse, will Stannis lose his mind and sacrifice his daughter to become king? So many questions!

Stannis and Ser Davos Seaworth in 'The Gift'
Stannis and Ser Davos Seaworth in ‘The Gift’

In Game of Thrones, women are really not safe from sexual harassment. Show, stop it! You don’t have to keep stressing that point over and over!

Jon left Ghost behind! Good job! Though Ghost kind of disappears and reappears at the most convenient moments. Deus ex machina much?

Gilly, what is this? A gratitude screw? I mean, it’s sweet, yes, but was it necessary?

Still not liking the relationship between Dany and Daario Naharis. He makes sense though, the part about killing all the leaders of the city. But what would Ser Barristan say about that?

This king’s voice hasn’t even broken yet. (At least, it doesn’t sound like it has.) And we’re supposed to be fine with him being married so young? While we aren’t supposed to be fine with Sansa being married? Double standards much?

Such a young boy, bandying about words of love so frivolously. Even Cersei looks taken aback. Forgive me if I can’t take him seriously.

Tommen and Cersei in 'The Gift'
Tommen and Cersei in ‘The Gift’

Wow, I thought that Sand Snake (can’t differentiate which one she is) had poison fumes coming out of her boobs and vagina or something.

When did Littlefinger give Cersei “a handsome young man”?

Ser Jorah is finally going to meet Daenerys again!

Who spurns him again! :'(

And now Tyrion and Daenerys finally cross paths! I hope this means something definitive and exciting is going to happen soon!

I KNEW Cersei would get her comeuppance sooner rather than later. (But for which crimes?)

Overall, I don’t feel like this episode is one of the series’ best. I’ll have to find out why the critics think otherwise.