Instant reaction post: “Game of Thrones” S6, Ep1 ‘The Red Woman’

Edd and Jon in 'The Red Woman'
Edd and Jon in ‘The Red Woman’

Game of Thrones is back. Yay?

To be honest, I am not overly enthused about this new season, since the last one ended not very well for all our favourite characters (unless your favourite characters are the Boltons, and Ser Alliser Thorne and the traitors of the Night’s Watch). Arya was blinded for pursuing some well-deserved justice, Sansa and Theon jumped off the wall of Winterfell to flee from the Boltons, Daenerys (I shall refer to her as “Dany” from now on; “Daenerys” is really a mouthful) got captured by a horde of Dothraki far from her loyal subjects, Jaime just watched Myrcella die after she acknowledged him as her father, and JON SNOW GOT STABBED TO DEATH. The show doesn’t seem to be able to give me much joy anymore. Because things may improve for all of them, but I can guarantee you that sometime in the future, they will hit rock bottom and be in the direst of straits again. If there is anything this show does, it fairly distributes out the number of times one side comes out tops. Sometimes the characters die before it is their turn again.

Doran Martell and Ellaria Sand in 'The Red Woman'
Doran Martell and Ellaria Sand in ‘The Red Woman’

After all, at the beginning of the last season, Sansa seemed to be on her way to getting her revenge, after she vamped herself up, seduced Littlefinger, and wore all black and everything — only to end up making a “political alliance” that included her marrying and getting raped by Ramsay. This year, Sophie Turner seems to think that Sansa is on her way to getting her revenge this time! Really! But I don’t believe them anymore. I bet that Brienne will suddenly meet the kind of untimely death that this show delivers in spades, and Sansa will be captured by psycho Ramsay again.

Theon and Sansa in 'The Red Woman'
Theon and Sansa in ‘The Red Woman’

Since the show is so depressing and it never gets better, and they keep picking off my favourite characters, why do I even want to bother?

So today, I spoiled the first episode for myself and read some reviews before I watched it. Mainly because I want to know if Jon Snow will be permanently dead, because if he is, I swear I will never watch another episode again. (I will still read reviews of all the episodes to keep myself updated though, until there’s an episode I feel is worth watching again.)

Ser Davos in 'The Red Woman'
Ser Davos in ‘The Red Woman’

Well, they confirmed that Jon Snow is dead in the opening shot. But is he *permanently* dead? Or will Melisandre pull some dark magic out of her bosom? They never ruled out that possibility, so I guess I’ll still be watching the show, until they kill off Melisandre and every other practitioner of magic.

Poor Ghost, mourning after his master. :'(

Ramsay wouldn’t be Ramsay if he didn’t feed his dead childhood lover to the dogs.

Myranda and Ramsay Bolton in 'The Red Woman'
Myranda and Ramsay Bolton in ‘The Red Woman’

Brienne’s deus ex machina entrance is welcome, but what happened to the hounds??? The hounds that were nearly attacking Sansa, led by two men not on horses, who all suddenly disappeared after Brienne and Podrick dispatched the four on horseback???

It’s equally amazing that Sansa and Theon did *not* break any limbs jumping from the ramparts.

And the “give no forks, take back all that is ours” Jaime of Season 1 has returned.

Jaime and Cersei in 'The Red Woman'
Jaime and Cersei in ‘The Red Woman’

I like Prince Doran. And I like how strong Ellaria Sand is, so it’s a real pity that she killed him. And even though Trystane looks like a weakling Romeo (to the sad Juliet figure that Myrcella represents), it’s a pity he was killed too. The innocent never live long in Westeros. (Except Samwell Tarly, maybe.) I really do not like the Sand sisters.

Hey, how did Varys get reunited with Tyrion again? Didn’t they get separated after Ser Jorah kidnapped Tyrion way back in episode 3 or something last season? They never explained Varys’ sudden return.

Love how they managed to inject a bit of humour with the Meereenese woman thinking that Tyrion wants to eat her baby! 😀

Tyrion and Varys in 'The Red Woman'
Tyrion and Varys in ‘The Red Woman’

I will hate to see the episode when Ser Jorah dies of greyscale. Or just dies, in general. :'(

Why were the Dothraki in these lush green lands that look like Northern Ireland anyway? Don’t they live in warm, sandy climates? In fact, how did they travel so fast from a Northern Ireland-like place to somewhere in the Middle East?

I love Dany’s fed-up eye-rolls listening to those idiotic men objectify her.

Hearing Khal Moro’s fellow brethren answer his rhetorical question about what is better than seeing a beautiful woman naked for the first time is so funny. 😀

Dany in 'The Red Woman'
Dany in ‘The Red Woman’

Seeing Arya get bullied by that horrid girl is hard. :S Will she ever regain her eyesight?

Ser Davos pretending to negotiate with Alliser Thorne, but knowing better than to fall for his trap, is awesome.

Melisandre is actually an old hag/Gollum’s sister! :-O And she looks so tired (of life in general), after all her visions were proven false. Does this mean she doesn’t have the power to bring Jon back to life after all? :S

Old hag Melisandre in 'The Red Woman'
Old hag Melisandre in ‘The Red Woman’