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Ansel Elgort (Baby), Jamie Foxx (Bats), Eiza González (Darling) and Jon Hamm (Buddy) in Baby Driver

‘Baby Driver’ review: Visionary

Baby Driver is a film that I said I wasn't sure I would watch in my "Movies Coming Soon" post at the beginning of this month. It stars a cast that I'm not wild over, especially Ansel Elgort, who looks kind of wimpy for a leading man (an impression I can't get over from his cowardly role in the Divergent series), though I don't mind the rest of the actors. This is a movie that is built around the soundtrack, and as I'm not such a huge music lover, that didn't appeal to me either.

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Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Homecoming

Movies Coming Soon: July 2017

I haven't done this in a while, so I figure out it's a good time to start again. But instead of doing it in three-month chunks, which can be very daunting because there are so many movies to talk about, I'll do it monthly so it'll be more manageable. Besides, release dates change all the time, especially for smaller movies, so doing it monthly will make it more accurate.

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From left: Martin Freeman (Oliver Chamberlain), Paddy Considine (Steven Prince), Simon Pegg (Gary King), Nick Frost (Andy Knightley) and Eddie Marsan (Peter Page) in The World's End

‘The World’s End’ review: Literally

The World's End is British comedy gold, pure and simple. Written with razor-sharp British wit (which means lots of straight-laced humour, puns and even visual gags) by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, it rounds up their "Cornetto Trilogy" (named so because they feature a Cornetto flavour in each of them), which includes Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, two other comedies in the same vein.

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