Paul Walker (1973-2013): A tribute to an actor whom I always enjoyed watching

Paul Walker
Actor Paul Walker, who died in a car crash in Los Angeles on 30 Nov 2013.

I’m truly saddened by the news of Paul Walker’s sudden death. I was just watching him in Fast & Furious 6 the other day — in fact, I stopped halfway at one of his scenes, expecting to continue it some other time; just like how I was expecting him to be around for many more years, making more Fast & Furiouses. No one could have imagined his life would be cut short so quickly. He only just turned 40.

I hate it when people die untimely, when they are still full of vigour and youth. And by all accounts, it seems he lived his life to the fullest as an outdoors sportsman, a wonderful colleague, and an all-round good man with a heart for charitable causes. He may have acted mostly in popcorn action flicks like the Fast & Furious series, but I’ve always liked him as an actor. Not only was he handsome, his voice had a kind of gravity that was very stable and calming and made it a pleasure to hear him speak.

If my heart pangs for a man I only knew through the screen, I can’t imagine how his family and friends are coping. His 15-year-old daughter. The movie franchise that will now have to carry on without him, and the followers of that franchise who know they will never see him in it again after the next film is done.

Not forgetting his friend Roger Rodas who also died in the crash with him. Both went out yesterday not knowing it was their last. I hope they are in a better place now.

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