About this moviegoer

I’m JL, a Singaporean who watches *a lot* of movies and has many opinions about them. I started this blog in 2013 because I needed a place to share these opinions, after realising how often I was flooding my friend’s FB wall with my fervent thoughts on movies that she probably wasn’t even watching.

My superpower: Give me a movie scene and I can name the movie after watching it a few seconds with absolutely no prior information. These powers manifested after spending thousands of hours in the cinema/in front of the TV/on IMDb. (Disclaimer: It mostly works for Hollywood movies made after 2000. Horror movies not included.)

Here are my top 5 favourite movies of all time (subject to change, but not often):

1. The Avengers — Better movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe may have come out since, but I will always cherish the beginning and the culmination of Phase One when it was just the OG6.
2. Inception — I LOVE the ending scene at the airport and the amazing score by Hans Zimmer that accompanies it. One of my favourite, if not THE favourite, endings and movie tracks of all time. Plus, the original concept! Leo and the rest of the beautiful cast! Christopher Nolan!
3. The Lord of the Rings trilogy — It’s 3 movies, not 1, but these were the movies that got me hooked on movies and made me want to be part of the film industry.
4. Fight Club — The twist! Brad Pitt as a smoking hot rebel! Edward Norton! All the quotable quotes!
5. Mad Max: Fury RoadMax and Furiosa’s beautiful partnership! The unbelievable stunts!

The opinions on this site are all my own. They won’t be agreeable to everyone all the time of course. If everyone thought the same as me, horror movies will go out of business, and the Despicable Me series wouldn’t exist. 😄


Thank you for dropping by! Feel free to contact me if you have any queries. I'll get back to you as soon as I can!