Instant reaction post: “Sherlock” S3, Ep3 ‘His Last Vow’

Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch in "His Last Vow"
Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch in “His Last Vow”

Wow. What a shocker of an episode. Wow. Revelations all around!
And that ending!
Because *SPOILER ALERT!* BUT THEY PROMISED! They promised that Moriarty was dead! I like seeing Andrew Scott as Moriarty, but he BLEW HIS BRAINS OUT. It had better be someone impersonating Moriarty, because my suspension of disbelief can accept many, many things; but NOT the resurrection of a man whose brains have been blown out.
The upside is, we can now count on Mary to be strong backup for Sherlock and John if they need it. (That literally took my breath away midway through, and so did Sherlock’s assessment of John’s character.) And Molly has never been better than in this season, now that she is closer to Sherlock. Those are some tight slaps indeed!
I sincerely thought that Mycroft and the police were telling Sherlock and John to get away from Magnussen because they were going to shoot him, once Sherlock verified that all the information is only in his head. I thought he had planned one final trick up his sleeve. I didn’t expect that there was no final trick, and that Sherlock would be the one to do it. Or be punished for it.
But the episode ended satisfactorily with his return from exile after four minutes. (Mostly because I refuse to believe that Moriarty is really back, so it must be someone new.) And now we’ll probably have to wait another two years for it to be resolved, after just one and a half weeks. It’s like waiting for a movie sequel to a four-and-a-half hour show.