Movies Coming Soon: October to December 2014 – Part 2

Luke Evans in Dracula Untold
Luke Evans in Dracular Untold

Having listed down all my must-sees for the last quarter of this year, here’s the continuation where I name all the films I would rather not watch.
Unfortunately, due to personal and professional reasons, I cannot talk about many of these films — not at this point of time — so this is going to be a very short post. But what I can talk about, I will talk about.
Movies that I will think about catching, but probably will watch on DVD instead, if I ever watch them:

Dracular Untold (Oct 2)

This has already been released, but I had and still have no desire to watch it. I’m not a fan of monsters or horror, and if I ever watch this, it will be for Luke Evans. But my lack of interest far outweighs my liking for Luke Evans.

The Drop (Oct 16)

It looks like a good movie, and I like Tom Hardy. I’m just not interested in heavy dramas about the seedy underworld of Brooklyn if there is only one member of the cast that I’m willing to watch such a film *for*.

Fury (Oct 22)

It looks like a good movie too — Saving Private Ryan or Letters from Iwo Jima in a tank — and Brad Pitt is in it. But I’m really tired nowadays and going to the cinema to subject myself to another two hours of an emotionally exhausting film is such an unappealing prospect.
Movies I will most likely be skipping:
As mentioned above, I’m not going to name the films in this section at this time.
But I’ll say this: Not all the movies that I don’t want to watch is because they are bad. While there are those that look stupid, cheesy and unnecessary, and it kills me to have to watch them, others I have absolutely *no doubt* are good movies. I just don’t want to watch them. It’s as simple as that. I watch movies for two things — the cast and the subject matter, but mostly the cast — and these movies don’t have enough factors I like to interest me.