Instant reaction post: “Game of Thrones” S5, Ep10 ‘Mother’s Mercy’

Season finale time! I managed to have nothing spoilt for me tonight by covering my screen everytime something that looked Game of Thrones-related came up on my Facebook feed.

Stannis and Melisande in 'Mother's Mercy'
Stannis and Melisande in ‘Mother’s Mercy’

Winter left as fast as it came. But what did Melisandre see if Stannis’ army deserted him and she did not foresee that? Yes Stannis, even immoral men whom I assume your sellswords are can’t stand the sight of people burning their screaming children to death.

I just knew after Stannis said “Can’t be worse than mutiny” that the bad news would have something to do with his wife. And I was right: she hung herself. And Melisandre fled. And Stannis has lost everything, so on to Winterfell he must go, because there’s nothing left for him.

Poor Jon! Now you’re left almost alone in a castle full of enemies! But even in such dark moments they can find humour in Sam getting some.

Jon and Sam in 'Mother's Mercy'
Jon and Sam in ‘Mother’s Mercy’

Stannis and army are literally walking to Winterfell? It’s such a sad sight!

How did no one recognise Sansa? Are there many figures in cloaks walking through Winterfell?

OH SANSA! BRIENNE! What horrible lives of missed connections they lead!

The sight of the Boltons’ army charging towards Stannis, and his shock giving way to resignation, looked very cinematic at that moment.

Sansa, take this time of chaos to escape!

I’m surprised Brienne could find Stannis through all the chaos, without being first spotted by the Boltons’ soldiers.

And Stannis dies an ignoble death. There’s nothing for him to say at the end, because it was all in vain.

Please tell me Ramsay’s “lonely” wife has taken the chance to escape.

Sansa in 'Mother's Mercy'
Sansa in ‘Mother’s Mercy’

What was Sansa doing for the entire duration of the battle, that just after Myranda confronts her and Theon kills her (which, yay by the way!), the army would have *just* come back?!

Wtf? Sansa and Theon decide to commit suicide together? Or is there a flying carpet hidden in the ground beneath Winterfell? What???

Meryn Trant is a sick pedophile who gets off on other people’ pain. So seeing his gory death was shocking but satisfying, especially Arya’s cold, ruthless look as she enacts her revenge as painfully as I hope Ramsay will suffer (but slower, with more precious bits cut off).

WHOA THAT WAS SOME MIND FORK A MAN PULLED ON ARYA. Arya losing her eyesight has to be one of the creepiest things seen on the show. Also, if A Man was really that powerful, how did he get captured by Tywin Lannister’s army back in Season 2?

A Man in 'Mother's Mercy'
A Man in ‘Mother’s Mercy’

Ellaria Sand sounds so insincere wishing Myrcella all the best.

Now that the end of the season is here, can I say that the Sand Snakes were a huge disappointment?

Jaime, stop trying to confess before you scar your daughter for life!

She wasn’t scarred for life? She knew?

And now that Jaime has finally gotten the acceptance he needs from one of the people he loves, he has to watch her die?! I had considered that Ellaria had put poison on her lips, because since when has kissing someone on the lips been appropriate for goodbye between strangers? But I dismissed it because I thought surely Game of Thrones wouldn’t use such a cheap ploy. But they did! Myrcella was also another sweet girl who did not have to die!

Did they just leave Tyrion, Missandei and Grey Worm to take charge of the city? Why should the Meereenese listen to any of them? I’ve never felt convinced that the Meerenese even accepted Dany’s rule, since one rogue faction was trying so hard to overthrow her, and the slaves even turned on her when she executed that devoted servant in episode 3. I didn’t even know there were anymore Unsullied left to govern the city, since they were almost all but killed in the last episode.

Jorah, Tyrion and Daario Naharis in 'Mother's Mercy'
Jorah, Tyrion and Daario Naharis in ‘Mother’s Mercy’

It’s nice to see Varys back! But I hope he won’t turn out to be one of Tyrion’s friends who weren’t his friends. Or the leader of the Sons of the Harpy. Or Tyrion’s figment of imagination, which I will throw out there as my suspicion, since he waited till Tyrion was alone to appear again.

Dany is one destitute-looking queen.

For a moment I thought the riders were Khal Drogo’s people. It looked like his tribe. Where did the hundreds of them suddenly come from, and why did they surround her?

Oh my gosh they really made Lena Headey walk naked in front of entire crowds???!!! (Edit: Oh wait, it’s not her, it’s a body double. But even so, it’s so brave of the body double to do it! I hope she was paid very well.) Are they going to make Margaery and Loras Tyrell do that next season too?

Did Cersei really repent? Judging from how vehemently she defended her children and her brother, I suspect not. Halfway through the walk, she definitely started feeling sorry that her path to the throne led to her being humiliated and castigated like this. But when she heard that the Mountain-Frankenstein’s Monster will avenge her, the gleam of revenge was back.

The High Sparrow and Cersei in 'Mother's Mercy'
The High Sparrow and Cersei in ‘Mother’s Mercy’

Melisandre has the audacity to ride back to Castle Black???

After the last scene, I just sat there stunned for a whole minute.

I really thought that we would see Uncle Benjen Stark again. And then the horror as it dawned on me that it was a trap. Even so, I didn’t believe that the Watch would betray Jon so heinously, until they stabbed him six times. (Or something. I don’t really want to go back and count.) How is he supposed to survive that? But he can’t possibly die now! He can’t!

Is that why Melisandre came back? So that she can work some black magic and revive him???

Also, while it gives me no joy, I knew it. I knew that Olly would be doing things that would look wrong to others, but in his heart he knows it’s right.

This is the cliffhangiest of all the season finales that have aired so far.


Entertainment Weekly conducted an interview with Kit Harington, where he says he’s not coming back; and with the producers and George R. R. Martin, the former who insist he’s dead, and the latter who teases he might not be. I DON’T BELIEVE THEM. It’s probably a fakeout so they can surprise us next season with: “Hah, bet you didn’t expect that!” Except I totally did, so take that!