Shows I’m Watching in April 2020

A good show to watch in April 2020: Michelle Dockery (Laurie Barber), Jaeden Martell (Jacob Barber) and Chris Evans (Andy Barber) in Apple TV+'s Defending Jacob
Michelle Dockery (Laurie Barber), Jaeden Martell (Jacob Barber) and Chris Evans (Andy Barber) in Apple TV+’s Defending Jacob, debuting 24 Apr

Are you:

Bored in the house, bored in the house bored (Bored)
Bored in the house, bored in the house bored (Bored)

Tyga x Curtis Roach – “Bored In The House”

Just two months ago, you would have been able to look forward to going out(!), to the cinema(!!), to catch the new James Bond film No Time to Die (originally opening 9 Apr) and Marvel Studios’ Black Widow (previously 30 Apr). Now thanks to COVID-19, all you can look forward to in April is Netflix and chilling — both in the literal and metaphorical sense.

Though speaking of Netflix and chilling, there are two shows I’m looking forward to that are debuting on streaming services this month:

“Defending Jacob” (24 Apr on Apple TV+)

First up is Defending Jacob, an Apple TV+ limited drama series starring my beloved Chris Evans, debuting on 24 Apr. He plays an assistant district attorney whose teenage son has been accused of murder. Is it true? I don’t know, we’ll find out. But even if it’s true, how far will he go to defend his precious son, even if he turns out to be a murderer? I guess we’ll also find out.

Defending Jacob also stars Michelle Dockery (whom I adore from Downton Abbey) as his beleaguered wife, and Chris Evans’ Knives Out co-star Jaeden Martell as his (guilty?) son. In a delightful surprise, J.K. Simmons will be in it too! (He was last seen exposing the identity of Spider-Man to the whole world in Spider-Man: Far from Home.)

I’ve been waiting for this drama series to come out for ages — since Chris Evans signed on to do it actually — and it’s finally (almost) here!

Extraction (24 Apr on Netflix)

Next is a Chris Hemsworth action thriller where he plays a black-ops mercenary who’s trying to rescue a kidnapped drug lord’s son in a clusterfork of a mission. It’ll coincidentally be released on Netflix on the same day as Defending Jacob (which makes it two early birthday presents for me! ?)

It’s directed by Sam Hargrave, who’s been a stunt/fight coordinator in a zillion action films, including most of the Avengers films, and was also Chris Evans’ stunt double in those Avengers films. The producers and writers are the Russo brothers. I guess they really liked working with him.

Chris Hemsworth’s accent is really heavy in this one, so if you’re like me and you can’t figure out what on earth he’s talking about in the trailer, the YouTube subtitles will help.

I hope he doesn’t die though. This looks like the sort of violent action film where the protagonist dies in the end. :S


Despite cinemas being closed, not all is lost. There are still great shows to watch coming up on streaming services in April!