The Complete Guide to Hollywood Movies Opening in June 2020

Will movie theaters be open by then?

Hard to say. It’ll definitely be a slow recovery, even if cinemas are allowed to resume business, since all the studios have moved their movies out of the second quarter of this year. It’s a chicken-and-egg situation: With no new exciting movies, who will want to come? Yet for the studios, they don’t want to risk their movies failing to live up to their full potential, what with most people still cautious of being in enclosed public spaces with the virus not yet in the rear-view mirror. So it’s tough.

Anyway, I will update this page once it is confirmed that cinemas will reopen in June, and they figure out their new release schedule.

Updated on 15 June 2020: Nope, cinemas are still not allowed to open in Singapore even in Phase 2 of the reopening. So no movies for the near future. 🙁