Instant reaction post: “Game of Thrones” S4, Ep2 ‘The Lion and the Rose’

Tyrion and Shae
Tyrion and Shae in ‘The Lion and the Rose’

The last minute of the episode has been the BEST *EVER* that this series has produced. (And everyone obviously agrees: I haven’t seen a single episode rate 9.9 on IMDb before.) It paid off four seasons of painstaking waiting for comeuppance to be served to a certain evil brat. As usual, here are my thoughts, stream-of-consciousness-ly, while watching the episode:
Ramsay Snow is even more depraved than I thought. I didn’t think it was possible.
I forgot who is Walda. Can someone tell me again why Roose Bolton married someone so fat??? Nothing against fat people — he just didn’t strike me as the type with that preference.
More Tyrion and Jaime Lannister interactions please! They have an easy comfort between them that Tyrion seldom has with the other characters, and Tyrion deserves a break, really.
Jaime and Tyrion
Jaime and Tyrion in ‘The Lion and the Rose’

Please tell me someone kills Joffrey with that same Valyrian steel sword that Tywin Lannister presents him with! (Ok, so that didn’t happen.)
Oh Tyrion! Oh Shae! Your love that cannot be makes my heart break!
Wow, Bran has really grown. If he was able to stand, it would have been even more obvious that he’s no longer the little boy he is still supposed to be.
Oh ho! Cersei staring Brienne down over Jaime! (And Jaime doing the same to Ser Loras Tyrell over Cersei!)
Cersei telling off Grand Maester Pycelle! Which was so satisfying, until it became clear that she was determined to step on everyone’s toes, for good or bad. That verbal sparring and eyeballing match between Oberyn, Tywin and Cersei was PRICELESS, and so was Ellaria Sand looking uncertainly at all of them as the tension ratchets up around her.
When Joffrey announced the lion’s head entertainment, I was so afraid that decapitated heads or something were going to roll out of its mouth. The alternative was *slightly* better. But only slightly.

YES YES YES!!! THE KING IS DEAD! GRUESOMELY! LONG ROT THE KING! (It could have been much worse — it would have been great if someone used his Valyrian steel sword to chop off his limbs first, slowly and torturously — but I will take what I can get.) I’ve been keeping away from spoilers all day, though I got the hint that something big would go down; but the last few minutes watching Joffrey humiliate Tyrion were SO agonising, I would have been expecting a shocker of an ending anyway. It could not have happened otherwise with all that buildup before that moment.
It was great watching Cersei’s wicked smile all throughout Joffrey’s malicious performance turn into distress and grief. I pity her, but not so much as to forgive her unlawful glee at watching her bastard son disgracing Tyrion.
Whoo hoo! It's the last we see of you, f**ker!
Whoo hoo! It’s the last we see of you, f**ker!