Instant reaction post: “Game of Thrones” S4, Ep5 ‘First of His Name’

Arya in 'First of His Name'
Arya in ‘First of His Name’

Without further ado, let’s delve into this week’s episode:
Wonder of wonders! Did Cersei actually make peace with Margaery? If there’s one thing you can’t accuse the Lannisters of, it’s definitely not political inexpediency.
Daenerys is shaping up to be such a good ruler — though it means more frustration for viewers wishing that she’ll just hurry up and get to Westeros already. And why is Ser Jorah still wearing that yellowed shirt he has had on for about four seasons now? (Which I’m pretty sure was much whiter in Season 1.) Dany changes outfits all the time — I’m sure Ser Jorah can afford at least *one* change of clothes.
Is Robin still getting breastfed by his mother? Really??
Sansa rolling her eyes at Lysa screaming! Probably the only response in such circumstances, especially with Lysa sounding more like she’s being tortured than anything else. If it was happening in modern times, their neighbours would probably call the police for fear that someone was being murdered.
Oh Arya, even a few weeks on the road with him can’t cross the Hound off your list? (And now I need another refresher on who the heck is Meryn Trant, Ser Ilyn Payne and Thoros of Myr.)
Sansa is starting to realise just how mad her aunt is. Poor girl, she’s always getting mixed with the wrong crowd, though she’s much smarter now on how to handle herself. But she still gets so much hate from fans — which Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa, has complained about — and I think it’s because they have never forgiven her for being a stupid girl in the first season and insisting on marrying Joffrey and all around contributing to her parents’ worry and ruining her father’s plans to take them away from King’s Landing, etc. etc. And oh yes! She refused the Hound’s invitation to escape the King’s Landing with him too, after Blackwater, which resulted in her being forced to marry Tyrion, and not reuniting with Arya earlier! (*edit: Though this book vs. TV discussion (with spoilers!) makes it clearer why.) Thinking about it makes me upset with her all over again, so I shall stop thinking about it.
It seems a rule that whenever a pair travels anywhere in Westeros, they make the most delightful snarky companions who slowly warm up to each other. Can’t wait to see what Brienne and Podrick get up to next!
The Hound was being a shit, but at least he stopped laughing at Arya and admitted that it wasn’t Syrio Forel’s lack of skills that got him killed — just a lack of armour and weapons. It’s sad that people like the Hound understand that reality and therefore they deal in that currency, whereas good people like the Starks, and yes, Syrio Forel, who deal in honour can’t survive, because no one else trades with it. When Arya asked him earlier what he would do if the Mountain was there right then, he answers after a long pause — “I’d tell him to shut the f**k up so I could get some sleep” — because though he wants to kill his brother, he knows it’s a fight he can’t win, and so it’s one that he won’t pick. Unlike Ned Stark, marching into the great hall and challenging the Lannisters head-on, declaring that Joffrey is a bastard. And look where that got him.
So THAT is the quick and glorious end of Locke, the character who wasn’t in the books, who accompanied Jon to Craster’s Keep, also not in the books, and unintentionally helped “rescue” Bran from said place that Bran wasn’t even at in the first place. Poor Hodor, confused and used like a tool, even though circumstances forced Bran into killing Locke with literally *his* bare hands.
And there goes another missed opportunity for the family to reunite. That’s the closest Bran has been to Jon since season 1 episode 2. :S
Karl Tanner deserved it, but THAT WAS GRUESOME! RIGHT THROUGH THE MOUTH!!!
Ghost is reunited with Jon! Finally ONE thing is returned to its rightful owner. (Or two I guess, counting Needle.)