Instant reaction post: “Game of Thrones” S6, Ep5 ‘The Door’

Once again, I caught wind of tragic things happening from my ever-so-reliable Facebook feed (and other sources). Due to choice words being used, I could even guess who these tragic things will happen to. But I couldn’t imagine how heartbreaking it would be. :’-O “Hold the door!”

Anyway, on to the episode as it unfolds.

Sansa and Littlefinger in 'The Door'
Sansa and Littlefinger in ‘The Door’

Go Sansa, confronting Littlefinger on purposely feeding her to those psychos while pretending to be innocent! And now with Brienne and Jon behind her, she no longer has to be dependent on this master manipulator and can cast him aside as she has surely longed to do all this while.

Poor Arya, having to watch a mockery of what happened to her father.

I did NOT expect to see anybody’s dick. Was that necessary? In fact, why were breasts necessary for that stage play? (Or backstage?) Even the two old ladies in the audience, who were laughing along during the play, looked shocked. Game of Thrones shows way more breasts than genitalia, probably because it is a very male-targeted show and men apparently can’t like such high-concept fantasy shows without being flashed every now and then. (AND dicks are really ugly.) But why can’t HBO appeal to people’s more intelligent instincts instead of titillating for the sake of titillating? *angry face*

So who are the Faceless Men serving? People who paid them, or the Many-Faced God?

Arya and A Man in 'The Door'
Arya and A Man in ‘The Door’

Shocker! The White Walkers were created by those weird-looking women! (Actually, who are they? Was it ever explained?)

These Ironborn people are so easily seduced by anyone who gives them a grand speech. First they were for Yara, then they were jeering at her, then Theon spoke up for her and they cheered, then they jeered at him when Euron Greyjoy came along and put them both down. What worthless, disloyal people. I would almost say Yara is better off without them, but the more people you have under your control, the less will come after to murder you.

Yara and Theon in 'The Door'
Yara and Theon in ‘The Door’

So the anointing of a new king in the Iron Islands includes drowning them first and seeing if they survive. Damn, I was really hoping Euron died!

How long does it take to build a fleet anyway? Why is Euron so confident that he’ll catch up to them before long?

Awww, Ser Jorah confessed his love to his Queen! :'( Dany is FINALLY touched by his loyalty and orders him to come back to her. If Dany wanted to be more helpful though, she could have sent someone to aid him on his quest for the cure…

Ser Jorah in 'The Door'
Ser Jorah in ‘The Door’

Another high priestess of the Lord of Light appears! (Also wearing a magic necklace I see.) Why does Tyrion want to ally them with her? I can’t even remember when he met a Red Priestess.

We’ve never seen Varys so unnerved before. Tyrion, are you sure you still want to ally yourself with these dangerous people??? :-O

Shit Bran, your nosiness means we’ll never see what happened in the Tower of Joy now! >:-O

Bran and the Night's King in 'The Door'
Bran and the Night’s King in ‘The Door’

Sansa made Jon a remembrance of their father!

Tormund leering at Brienne and Brienne looking away in disgust is so funny. :’D (Not that I support men leering at women. But nobody in the show has found her attractive before, so it’s funny that Tormund would be the one to show her appreciation. Also helps that we know Brienne can more than hold her own if Tormund tries anything.)

What have Bran, Meera and Hodor been eating while in the cave?

Why did the spear that Meera threw shatter that White Walker into pieces? Surely it’s not made of Valyrian steel?

No! Bran’s direwolf is gone! All the direwolves are gone except Jon’s (and maybe Arya’s, but we haven’t seen it in years)! :’-O

If the weird-looking women can create the White Walkers, why can’t they destroy them?

Meera and the weird-looking woman in 'The Door'
Meera and the weird-looking woman in ‘The Door’

Hodor! :’-O:’-O:’-O Now we know why Hodor is like that. Because Bran warged into him for too long while in the past, and Hodor’s past self was influenced. Bran standing there, looking at Wylis suffering the seizure and understanding that it was his own doing that Hodor became mentally impaired for the rest of his life, but unable to help him, whether in the past or the present, was so heartbreaking. Bran! Bran! It’s all your fault that everybody died! :’-O

Hodor in 'The Door'
Hodor! :’-O

(Grief aside, once Hodor finally falls, how would these remarkably fast zombies *not* catch up with Meera and Bran? In what world are Meera and Bran not doomed as well? The show better explain!)

And I’ve been reading several fan theories about Bran that are disturbing as forks and I sure hope aren’t true. That he’s the one that set the events of the show in motion with his time travel abilities. Because from the consequences of his actions this episode, it sounds very plausible. :S But it would be horrifying to know that not just Hodor’s (and Summer’s and the Three-Eyed Raven’s and the weird-looking women’s) deaths are on him, THE ENTIRE TRAGIC EVENTS OF THE SHOW are his fault.

Bran and young Hodor in 'The Door'
Bran and young Hodor in ‘The Door’