Instant reaction post: “Game of Thrones” S6, Ep6 ‘Blood of My Blood’

An uncomfortable Tarly dinner at Horn Hill
An uncomfortable Tarly dinner at Horn Hill

This week’s episode felt like a filler episode: moving pieces along and catching everybody up on what the minor characters are doing before they get to the really important parts. Next week’s should be full of heart-pounding excitement/heartache then.

Continuing on from last week, Meera struggles to get them to safety by herself (poor girl obviously missing Hodor!) while Bran continues to be a deadweight and have visions that I just learnt the significance of. And as expected, the undead caught up to them. (Hodor! :’-O) But lo and behold, a deus ex machina saviour! Who could he be? :-O And how did he know to arrive in the nick of time?

Meera and Bran in 'Blood of My Blood'
Meera and Bran in ‘Blood of My Blood’

I’m still don’t know why Sam insists on bringing Gilly and Little Sam to Horn Hill to keep them safe, knowing how much his father despises him. :S What will happen when Little Sam grows up to not look like Sam?

Has Margaery really changed? :-O She sounds so sincerely repentant.

Gilly looks like a painted whore. I’m used to her looking down to earth and practical.

Wow, this horrible father tops the cake. And I thought I had seen all that this show had to offer. Poor Sam! :'(

The moment I saw that sword (Heartsbane?), I knew it was made of Valyrian steel. Heirloom swords usually are special, and in Westeros, the only way they are special is to be made of Valyrian steel. Good of Sam to steal it: not only for his birthright but for its handiness against the coming White Walkers!

Gilly and Sam in 'Blood of My Blood'
Gilly and Sam in ‘Blood of My Blood’

Why are all the commoners watching the play so sad that Joffrey is dead?? :S Did they really think he was a good king? Why aren’t they giggling and cheering like Arya?

Arya couldn’t let go off her conscience after all, and saves Lady Crane, but now she is in danger from snitches! :S Including that meanest snitch of all! I’m glad she has finally retrieved Needle and is ready to re-become Arya Stark. I just hate that it puts her at odds with A Man. :'( A Man is a better ally than an enemy.

Arya in 'Blood of My Blood'
Arya in ‘Blood of My Blood’

How did the High Sparrow wrangle that victory? :-O Did Margaery help him do it deliberately? Was it a plan they concocted? What is happening? Can we never go back to the story happening in King’s Landing until things start to make sense again?

The High Sparrow, Margaery and Septa Unella in 'Blood of My Blood'
The High Sparrow, Margaery and Septa Unella in ‘Blood of My Blood’

Walder Frey, killer of Robb and Catelyn, is back! And so is Edmure Tully (who is on loan from his role in Outlander). We haven’t seen them in three seasons since that infamous turn of events.

I just realised that since Jaime has been sent to attack Riverrun for Walder Frey, he is bound to meet Brienne again but on opposite sides! Please tell me no star-crossed stories (a la Jon and Ygritte) are in the cards. :S

Jaime in 'Blood of My Blood'
Jaime in ‘Blood of My Blood’

UNCLE BENJEN?!!!! :-O Before he unveiled his headscarf, I was guessing all sorts of people he would be: from Robb (risen from the dead), or Catelyn (also risen from the dead), since Edmure is back — but not Uncle Benjen. I thought he was a long lost character we would never see again or know what happened to. :-O

How did Dany find Drogon? She seems to get an impressive scene every two episodes, but this one feels especially like a filler. Just because she has no exciting things happening to her plot-wise, they made her magically find Drogon in order to give a rousing speech on top of her imposing magical dragon that no one else has. It feels very been there, done that.

Daario Naharis and Dany in 'Blood of My Blood'
Daario Naharis and Dany in ‘Blood of My Blood’

(I finally realised who plays Lady Crane! She’s this Australian actress Essie Davis who acted in this chilling thriller called The Babadook that came out two years ago and had superb reviews. No wonder I thought she looked very familiar. Game of Thrones keeps finding good actors but putting them in only one or two episodes. Mark Gatiss is a great example.)

Essie Davis as Lady Crane in 'Blood of My Blood'
Lady Crane in ‘Blood of My Blood’

Till we meet again next week.