Instant reaction post: “Game of Thrones” S6, Ep7 ‘The Broken Man’

Lyanna Mormont in 'The Broken Man'
Lyanna Mormont in ‘The Broken Man’

This episode marks the return of another character we thought long dead, as well as the introduction of a spitfire. (Hello, young lady!) Can we take it to mean that the show will bring back more people from the dead? So far, three people who died/we thought died have made their return this season. Can Ned Stark come back next (*not* as a white walker)? I miss him so. :'( And his children need him to rally the North. Imagine what a blindside that would be! Even bigger than the “is Jon Snow dead” conspiracy that the showrunners unsuccessfully tried to maintain last year. Just suggesting.

Anyway, on to the episode:

No opening theme??? :-O

What peaceful idyllic settings! Have I clicked on another show by mistake?

THE HOUND???!!!! Is this in the past??? The present??? HE DIDN’T DIE???? :-O:-O:-O

(This cold open felt somewhat like watching the beginning of an episode of Lost, where they would often reveal a twist to what you thought you were seeing.)

The Hound in 'The Broken Man'
The Hound(!) in ‘The Broken Man’

Margaery is back in her fine garments. But what dangerous game is she playing? And what does that cryptic message mean?

Olenna Tyrell, Margaery and Septa Unella in 'The Broken Man'
Olenna Tyrell, Margaery and Septa Unella in ‘The Broken Man’

Cersei looks so shaken when reminded of how much the odds are against her, due to her own mistake of putting the High Sparrow in charge.

We haven’t seen Bronn at all this season have we? Until this episode.

Bronn is such a discouraging friend.

But it is satisfying to see Jaime and Bronn put these incompetent people in their place. Of course, this is the calm before the storm that is probably going to be Brienne and Jaime on opposite sides fighting each other. Knowing this show, one of them will probably be killed by season’s end. :'(

Bronn and Jaime in 'The Broken Man'
Bronn and Jaime in ‘The Broken Man’

Who are these Mormonts? Their castle(?) looks beautiful though.

Ooo, spitfire young lady. One of her advisers looks like Stannis.

Oh, they are *those* Mormonts?

And in the end, after all their entreaties, they get 62 men. Hah.

Damn, it’s so difficult to be part of a noble house and make decisions for your people. You have the privilege of calling on your allies to fight for you, but only if you show them equal loyalty. Robb really didn’t know any better. :'(

Sansa, Jon and Ser Davos in 'The Broken Man'
Sansa, Jon and Ser Davos in ‘The Broken Man’

Now Sansa has no choice but to ask her betrayer Littlefinger for help. 🙁

Who are these menacing men encroaching on this idyllic space?

OH NO! Who’s going to save Arya now? :’-O

Arya looking unsuspectingly into the distance in 'The Broken Man'
Arya looking unsuspectingly into the distance in ‘The Broken Man’

I kind of expected Ian McShane’s character to not last long, because he did an interview sometime back about guest-starring on Game of Thrones and how it’s good because the characters get killed off quickly so he can just do one episode and not stay for too long. Still, I liked him. :'( Though turning to an honest life didn’t do him any good in the end.

Ian McShane as the short-lived Brother Ray in 'The Broken Man'
Ian McShane as the short-lived Brother Ray in ‘The Broken Man’