Instant reaction post: “Game of Thrones” S6, Ep4 ‘Book of the Stranger’

Ser Jorah and Daario Naharis in 'Book of the Stranger'
Ser Jorah and Daario Naharis in ‘Book of the Stranger’

This was a fairly pleasant episode overall. Reunions happened, Dany delivered a fiery judgment on some sexist rapist Khals, and Jon agreed to fight that other bastard Ramsay. And Theon made his way back to Pyke without Ramsay capturing him again, so that’s a win!

SANSA AND BRIENNE (and Podrick) FINALLY REACHED CASTLE BLACK AND FOUND JON! :’D:’D:’D This is the first time Jon and Sansa have seen each other since season 1 episode 1! (Or is it episode 2?)

Jon and Sansa reunite FINALLY in 'Book of the Stranger'.
Jon and Sansa reunite FINALLY in ‘Book of the Stranger’. :’D

I have been wishing that you could have gone back to the day you left since the day you left, Sansa!

Poor Jon, having to jump straight into another fight! But Sansa’s right, they’ll never be safe if they don’t take back the North. Though even if they do take back the North, they had better kill every single remaining House there is, because none of those loyal to Ned Stark survived. The rest are all traitors and sellswords.

“I’ll do it myself if I have to.” Brave words, Sansa. But how would you have done that if Jon didn’t want to fight?

Sansa in 'Book of the Stranger'
Sansa in ‘Book of the Stranger’


I shudder to think of the day when the anvil finally drops and Ser Davos finds out how Shireen actually died. :'(

Hey, I totally forgot that that spoilt brat (whom I cannot remember the name of) is still Lord of the Eyrie!

And I bet that he is totally going to kill that gyrfalcon, the greatest and rarest of the birds! He is totally a potential Joffrey. Though Joffrey is just pure evil, while this boy’s cruelty is born out of curiosity. The “I wonder what will happen if I kick this man through the Moon Door” kind of curiosity.

Littlefinger’s manipulations are once again amazing to behold. :-O But the fact that he was totally unsurprised by Sansa’s escape from Winterfell shows that he planned it (and Sansa’s torture at the hands of Ramsay) from the beginning. >:-O

Littlefinger in 'Book of the Stranger'
Littlefinger in ‘Book of the Stranger’

Missandei and Greyworm look really upset at Tyrion’s proposal. Sadly, it is the logical choice, though it is not preferable to abolishing slavery overnight. But we saw how that turned out.

Missandei capitulating to Tyrion’s logic (and calling him a wise man!) :’D

I hate fight scenes (or any scenes) that happen in the dark, but *not* seeing Daario Naharis smashing that guy’s body with a rock is probably for the best.

Awww, Dany made a new ally! But that Khaleesi’s story highlights that if Dany hadn’t made Khal Drogo fall in love with her, her fate could very well have been the same. Khal Drogo did rape her on her wedding evening, when she clearly didn’t want it but was forced to anyway.

Dany and the High Priestess in 'Book of the Stranger'
Dany and the High Priestess in ‘Book of the Stranger’

I don’t like Margaery, but I admire her loyalty to her brother and her family.

Oh, so that Uncle on the small council is Lancel Lannister’s father!

Even Cersei with her great dislike for Margaery doesn’t want to see her humiliated like she herself was, although she is trying to accomplish her own goals in preventing that too. But she wouldn’t be Cersei if she didn’t have an ulterior motive.

I was really hoping that Osha would be able to outsmart her way out of danger! Unfortunately Ramsay Bolton was able to preempt her. :'( At least she died fairly quickly? Instead of being flayed alive or something equally gruesome. Damn, she should have tried to wrench Ramsay’s nuts off before he made his move!

Ramsay Bolton and Osha in 'Book of the Stranger'
Ramsay Bolton and Osha in ‘Book of the Stranger’

And with Ramsay’s letter of challenge, Jon is now forced to fight, whether he wants to or not. And no Sansa, Northern families (that are not currently dead) are NOT loyal! But I get how she has that mistaken impression, since she met the old woman last season in Winterfell who told her “The North remembers”. The old woman who is also dead by Ramsay’s hands, by the way.

(I tell you, if the outcome of that battle is that Ramsay wins and Jon dies for real, I will flipping curse this show out and never watch it again. Knowing this show, it’s a very real possibility.)

Edd, Jon, Tormund, Podrick, Brienne and Sansa in 'Book of the Stranger'
Edd, Jon, Tormund, Podrick, Brienne and Sansa in ‘Book of the Stranger’

Wait, Dany has been to Dosh Khaleen before? She has come one full circle then!

Why is the temple so flammable?

Dany really has supernatural powers. :-O (Seriously, how did she get them? Were all Targaryens — except her brother, obviously — fireproof? What about the Mad King?) Of course people are going to bow down to her if she survives being burnt to death! They probably fear her demonic powers.

That should have been her strategy in every city. Gather all her enemies in one flammable place, set fire to it, and walk out unscathed.

Dany the Unburnt in 'Book of the Stranger'
Dany the Unburnt in ‘Book of the Stranger’