Movies I’m Watching: April 2019

Movies I'm watching in April 2019 -- The remaining Avengers assembling to avenge in Avengers: Endgame
The remaining Avengers assembling to avenge in Avengers: Endgame

If you just want to know what movies are opening in April, click here!

But if you want to know *my* thoughts on all the movies, which ones I’m watching, and why I’m skipping the rest, read on.

After you’ve finished, feel free to comment below and talk about which movies you’re watching, and why!

Movies I’m watching for sure

Avengers: Endgame (24 Apr)

Update: Read my Avengers: Endgame review here.

This is a no-brainer, if you’ve followed me for any amount of time — and even if you haven’t. It’s THE most anticipated movie in the world — at least for this year — so I don’t need to explain more. (Though if you didn’t rescue yourself from a cave like Tony Stark did, and have been stuck there these past 10 years, Google is a helpful resource.) Endgame could even break all the opening box office records that Star Wars: The Force Awakens set back in 2015. I can’t wait to cheer it on!

(Fun personal fact: I arranged my holiday this month such that I would be back in time for the first show on 24 April. For reasons that I’m still unsure of, but am nevertheless very grateful for, Singapore is always one of the first countries in the world to open a Marvel movie. :D)

Btw, the IMAX trailer is making very compelling arguments for why I should watch Endgame in IMAX. Maybe I’ll do that for the third rewatch…

Shazam! (4 Apr)

Shazam! looks like pure, childish fun. A movie where an ordinary teenager with a good heart gets turned into a superhero with a flashy costume is bound to result in hijinks galore. (Or maybe not. The Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield versions of Spider-Man weren’t exactly full of “hijinks”…)

Anyway, the DC Extended Universe is gradually moving into lighter territory, and I’m glad they are. (If it’s still a “universe”, that is, since Warner Bros. seems to be moving away from that overarching concept after the abysmal results of Justice League.) I had never heard of Shazam! until they announced the movie was being made, but I’m down for any movie that’s fun and that *works*.

Movies I may watch (but likely not)

Hellboy (11 Apr)

I very vaguely remember the Ron Perlman-starring, Guillermo del Toro-directed Hellboy movies in 2004 and 2008 — and by remember, I mean I remember thinking they were good, but I don’t recall a single frame of those movies now.

Actually, I’m not sure why they revisited this property, because the first two movies weren’t that successful financially, from what I can tell. (Unless they made a killing in home entertainment.) I’m clearly not a fan, or have even touched the graphic novels, but I recall a years-long “will-they-won’t-they” fanning of hopes on whether Guillermo del Toro will make Hellboy 3 with Ron Perlman. Obviously he didn’t — I think he couldn’t get the budget he wanted, which makes sense from the studio’s perspective after seeing the box office numbers. But fans seem excited for this movie anyway.

Personally, there are too many monstrous-looking creatures for me. It seems funny though (which comes from the character himself having a quippy and self-deprecating humour about his butt ugliness), and I like Daniel Dae Kim. But I still rate my chances of watching this very low.

Fighting with My Family (18 Apr)

The Rock produces and has a small role in this movie about a young female wrestler coming from a British wrestling family. Again, it looks funny, and worth watching, and it even has a good cast (Cersei! Nick Frost! That other hot pilot in Dunkirk besides Tom Hardy!) — unfortunately I’m just not interested *enough* to watch it. But I wouldn’t think it a waste of two hours if someone sat me down and made me watch it either.

Movies I definitely won’t be watching

Pet Sematary (4 Apr)

It’s a horror movie, which I don’t watch. But I hear that it’s a very good one. The 1989 movie is apparently one of the best film adaptations of Stephen King’s works, and I’ve read reviews that say this remake doesn’t differ much from that version.

Missing Link (4 Apr)

Hugh Jackman voices a very lovable ape/man — the missing link between monkeys and homosapiens apparently — but it’s not my type of movie. I may think differently if I had kids.

Breakthrough (11 Apr)

Breakthrough is based on a true story of a miracle, where a boy drowned after falling through a hole in an icy lake, and was dead for nearly an hour, with CPR being performed for 27 minutes to no avail. Then his mother entered the room praying loudly and he suddenly had a pulse.

True story or not, faith-based dramas tend to be too mawkish for me, and probably made 10 times more dramatic than they actually were in real life.

Captive State (11 Apr)

Extraterrestrials ruling over dystopias are not my jam.

However, I got to read the script for this movie. While the plot is interesting and the ending was surprising, it takes a while to get there, and the middle was draggy. I imagine watching it will be worse. This is a movie where I would have rather read a condensed synopsis from The Movie Spoiler. (Warning: This link brings you to a site that publishes movie spoilers. Don’t go there if you hate spoilers!)

The Curse of the Weeping Woman (17 Apr)

Another horror movie, but a less well-reviewed one. I think it ties into the Conjuring universe though — but just barely, and as an afterthought.

After (18 Apr)

I very seldom, if ever, watch teenybopper movies about teenagers being melodramatic about their love lives.

Fun fact: Lead actress Josephine Langford is the sister of Katherine Langford (from 13 Reasons Why) and lead actor Hero Fiennes Tiffin is the nephew of Ralph Fiennes and Joseph Fiennes.

Penguins (18 Apr)

While this documentary is way more Disney-friendly than March of the Penguins, I don’t watch nature documentaries. I wholeheartedly support Steve the Penguin’s “quest to build a suitable nest, find a life partner and start a family” though!

King of Thieves (25 Apr)

This movie is very British and full of distinguished old men actors acting gangsta and telling old man jokes. Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock himself!) is in it too, which is a boon, cause he’s cute. But it doesn’t look like a movie that needs to be watched in a theatre (unfortunately for the producers. Then again, I’m not their target audience). If I ever were to watch it, I would watch it at home.


Basically, I’m likely to watch only Shazam! and Avengers: Endgame. Both are superhero movies, which makes perfect sense because I have very “mass” tastes. I’m not watching the rest because while they have good elements in them, they’re either horror movies, or I’m not interested *enough* in them.

What are you watching? Comment below to discuss!